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Title: 2ASK Download
 Description: ASK (Amplitude Shift Keying) is also known as "Amplitude Keying" and "Switch Keying" (On-Off Keying), so it is also recorded as OOK signal. ASK is a relatively simple modulation method. Amplitude shift keying (ASK) is equivalent to amplitude modulation in analog signals, but multiplied by carrier frequency signals by binary digits. Amplitude shift takes frequency and phase as constants and amplitude as variables. Information bits are transmitted by the amplitude of carrier wave.
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2ASK 0 2019-04-13
2ASK\creat_training.m 447 2019-03-23
2ASK\rx_2ASK.m 4440 2019-03-23
2ASK\rx_frame_sync.m 547 2019-03-23
2ASK\syn_time.m 756 2019-03-23
2ASK\tx_2ASK.m 5554 2019-03-23

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