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Title: 斐波那契额一维搜索法 Download
 Description: The Fibonacci method, also known as the Fibonacci method and the Fibonacci score method, is an interval elimination method for one-dimensional search. This method is similar to the 0.618 method (golden segmentation method) and is also used for the unimodal function. In the calculation process, it is also the first iteration that two iterations need to be calculated. After each iteration, only a new calculation is needed, and another method is taken. Since the last iteration.
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斐波那契额一维搜索法\Fibonacci.m 656 2019-04-02
斐波那契额一维搜索法\jcl2.m 571 2019-04-02
斐波那契额一维搜索法 0 2019-04-16

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