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Title: Looyo网络验证 Download
 Description: Today I used a looyo network validation program written by a bull in a forum. I think this program is very suitable for beginners of PHP development. Based on this program, it extends functions backwards, including front-end, back-end, not much nonsense. The announcement of this program is problematic. The author says that the repair has never been repaired. Let me talk about the repair method. Open Index. PHP in the program, line 6 If ($_mysql->_query ("create table admin (id int (11) not null primary key auto_increment, adminuser varchar (255), adminpwd varchar (255), varnotice char (255)") Then re-initialize Index.php If you are already profitable, don't worry. Let's execute the SQL statement in wlyz database: SELECT * FROM `admin` WHERE 1 CREATE TABLE admin (notice varchar (255)) Be accomplished! Ps: Use Notepad to upload the modified files locally. Don't open notepad, it's easy to return random code.
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Looyo网络验证\客户端.e 707222 2018-05-17
Looyo网络验证\服务端\api.php 9956 2018-05-17
Looyo网络验证\服务端\DB.class.php 608 2018-05-17
Looyo网络验证\服务端\index.php 1079 2018-05-17
Looyo网络验证\管理端.e 702437 2018-05-17
Looyo网络验证\说明文档.docx 12149 2018-05-17
Looyo网络验证\服务端 0 2018-05-17
Looyo网络验证 0 2018-05-17

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