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Title: TrustedGRUB-1.1.5.tar Download
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  • 2019-03-16
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 Description: === 2.1 Introduction === This file describes the extensions necessary to transform a standard GRUB into a version that offers TCG support for granting the integrity of the boot process. This is done by measuring all critical components during the boot process, i.e., stage2 of GRUB, the OS kernel or OS modules, together with their parameters. Please note that stage1 has not to be checked here (it wouldn't even be possible), because it has already been measured by the TCG extension itself. Since the TCG extensions are passive, it has no direct ability to check if the bootloader (and the OS kernel/modules) actually is correct, this can only be done indirectly by using the seal/unseal functions of the TCG chip (for details on this topic, you should have a look at the TCG specifications or on other documents describing TCG abilities).
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