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  • 2019-03-16
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 Description: kgiugohi kjgougoi kjgogoi kjgoigoi jgviuguog
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(PDF) Optimal Power Flow Using the Jaya Algorithm.pdf 3376920 2019-03-16
A Novel Quasi-Oppositional Jaya Algorithm for Optimal Power Flow Solution.pdf 4724831 2019-03-16
A novel quasi-oppositional modified Jaya algorithm for multi-objective optimal power flow solution.pdf 7993247 2019-03-16
A study of the optimal allocation of shunt capacitor based on modified loss sensitivity algorithm.pdf 3307517 2019-03-16
An Efficacious Multi-Objective Fuzzy Linear.pdf 8836911 2019-03-16
An introduction to optimal power flow_ Theory formulation and examples.pdf 1310185 2019-03-16

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