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Title: Filter_block or focal Download
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  • GIS program
  • Platform:
  • Python
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  • 1024
  • Update:
  • 2020-07-31
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  • liut_2020
 Description: For the technical personnel of geography, GIS, remote sensing technology and application, arcpy module in Python can be used to realize batch processing when drawing with ArcGIS software. For raster data, that is, remote sensing image, in the analysis of the image, we may need to filter edge information or low-frequency information, that is, we want to get low-frequency or high-frequency fixed information. Then you need to use a filter. The filter here is self-contained in ArcGIS statistical analysis. You can set the window shape and size. The larger the window is, the more low-frequency information is after filtering, that is, the more serious the detail loss.
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