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Title: 矢量有限元法分析均匀波导模式 Download
 Description: The vector finite element method is used to analyze the mode in uniform waveguide, and the electric field pattern and electric field pattern can be output.
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Give_Nlkv.m 401 2019-11-13
IsDirichlet.m 161 2019-11-10
IsDirichlet_nonzero.m 200 2019-11-13
IsSourceEgde.m 164 2019-11-11
Result_plot.m 1905 2019-11-12
程序使用说明书.txt 713 2019-11-13
Cal_elementfactor.m 1140 2019-11-08
FEMV_main.m 4224 2019-11-13
Find_Dirichlet.m 1441 2019-11-13
Generate_ne.m 2108 2019-11-13

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