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Title: RBF-PID Download
 Description: A micro power supply system model of PEMFC with normal operating voltage range of 126-163v PEMFC stack, DC / DC boost converter, DC / AC inverter and filter is built. On this basis, according to the output characteristics of PEMFC, a boost converter based on RBF neural network PID adaptive control is designed by combining RBF neural network with traditional PID controller. Matlab / Simulink software simulation test shows that when the load changes, the output voltage of the stack is unstable, and the PID adaptive controller can quickly and smoothly transition the converter output voltage to the set value of 300V, provide stable voltage to the load, and realize the fast response of the power supply system. The results show that the system meets the requirements of power supply, which verifies the feasibility of the design.
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RBF 0 2019-03-05
RBF\nnrbf_pid.m 2102 2012-04-10
RBF\RBFNNMODEL.slx 37455 2019-03-04
RBF\Udc1.mat 13277536 2019-03-05

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