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Title: Bresenham line Download
 Description: The core idea of Bresenham: The coordinates of the current point (x, y) are known, because the slope of the straight line has been specified to be less than or equal to 1, so the coordinates of the next point can only be (x+1, y) or (x+1) , Y+1). Then I only need to judge whether (x+1, y+1/2) (midpoint) is above or below the straight line.
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meituan\bin\Debug\meituan.exe 1061722 2020-03-26
meituan\main.cpp 441 2020-03-26
meituan\meituan.cbp 1071 2020-03-26
meituan\meituan.depend 119 2020-03-26
meituan\meituan.layout 358 2020-03-26
meituan\obj\Debug\main.o 18226 2020-03-26
meituan\bin\Debug 0 2020-03-26
meituan\obj\Debug 0 2020-03-26
meituan\bin 0 2020-03-26
meituan\obj 0 2020-03-26
meituan 0 2020-03-26

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