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Title: straight line Download
 Description: The x, y value of the DDA algorithm in each iteration is obtained by adding the value of the previous step plus an increment, so it is an incremental algorithm. But this method is intuitive, but the efficiency is too low, because each step requires a floating-point multiplication and a rounding operation.
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project0\bin\Debug\project0.exe 1066759 2019-11-21
project0\main.cpp 4101 2019-11-21
project0\obj\Debug\main.o 15934 2019-11-21
project0\project0.cbp 1495 2019-11-20
project0\project0.depend 5408 2019-11-24
project0\project0.layout 360 2019-12-19
project0\测试.txt 1470 2019-11-21
project0\鼠标.txt 2046 2019-11-14
project0\bin\Debug 0 2019-11-21
project0\obj\Debug 0 2019-11-21
project0\bin 0 2019-11-20
project0\obj 0 2019-11-20
project0 0 2019-12-19

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