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Title: 02__原理图 Download
 Description: The main function of the ad circuit diagram design of electronic bell based on 51 single chip microcomputer is that it can manually control whether the bell rings or not, and can also be set regularly.
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02__原理图\93-定时开关原理图讲解.wmv 16660281 2014-08-16
02__原理图\word版.doc 474112 2018-01-23
02__原理图\硬件电路.SchDoc 135168 2018-01-23
02__原理图\硬件电路.pdf 180864 2018-01-23
02__原理图\硬件电路.sch 40720 2018-01-23
02__原理图\继电器原理讲解.wmv 6760261 2014-06-06
02__原理图\说明.txt 304 2016-03-05
02__原理图 0 2020-06-20

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