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Title: atmnew Download
 Description: Java simulates the realization of ATM machine logic, and only realizes the withdrawal process of ATM machine. It is a good example of "object-oriented" programming for Java beginners. Test account: User name: admin Password: admin; User name: shylock Password: shylock Two test users. In the process of writing, some related descriptions of the class: dataAccess (data operation) class: contains the related operations moneyMachine (cash machine) class for the database: only used to print the list readCard (card reader) class: contains the reading user Card number and card withdrawal (exit system) Atm (system) class: the beginning of the main method of the system, responsible for calling other classes atmScreen (ATM screen) class: mainly to create various operation forms and corresponding button events Account (user account) class: contains users Information verification, balance inquiry and deduction
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codesc.net\atmnew\Account.java 2924 2006-04-26
codesc.net\atmnew\Atm.java 592 2006-04-29
codesc.net\atmnew\atmScreen.java 11992 2006-04-26
codesc.net\atmnew\ATM顺序图.jpg 55471 2006-04-19
codesc.net\atmnew\dataAccess.java 2570 2006-04-26
codesc.net\atmnew\moneyMachine.java 555 2006-04-26
codesc.net\atmnew\readCard.java 466 2014-08-12
codesc.net\atmnew\文件说明.txt 540 2006-04-30
codesc.net\atmnew\运行\Account.class 2122 2006-04-26
codesc.net\atmnew\运行\Atm$1.class 436 2006-04-25
codesc.net\atmnew\运行\Atm.class 485 2006-04-26
codesc.net\atmnew\运行\atmScreen$1.class 460 2006-04-26
codesc.net\atmnew\运行\atmScreen.class 9892 2006-04-26
codesc.net\atmnew\运行\Data\atm.mdb 163840 2006-04-26
codesc.net\atmnew\运行\dataAccess.class 1793 2006-04-26
codesc.net\atmnew\运行\moneyMachine.class 697 2006-04-26
codesc.net\atmnew\运行\readCard.class 387 2006-04-26
codesc.net\atmnew\运行\测试帐号.txt 67 2006-04-25
codesc.net\atmnew\运行\运行.bat 8 2006-04-23
codesc.net\atmnew\运行\Data 0 2014-08-12
codesc.net\atmnew\运行 0 2014-08-12
codesc.net\atmnew 0 2014-08-12
codesc.net 0 2014-08-12

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