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 Description: VB broadband speed measurement and IP query source files can be network speed measurement, use QQWry.Dat, you can download the latest version of this library, so the IP attribution of the query is more accurate. If the detection URL cannot display IP, there are the following 2 possibilities: 1: You are detecting the Netcom URL (assuming you are now a telecommunications). 2: You may have errors if your internet speed is slow or the URL is entered incorrectly
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codesc.net\VB宽带速度及IP地址查询小程序源文件\Form1.frm 9959 2006-08-25
codesc.net\VB宽带速度及IP地址查询小程序源文件\Form1.frx 2250 2006-08-25
codesc.net\VB宽带速度及IP地址查询小程序源文件\Form2.frm 1969 2006-08-25
codesc.net\VB宽带速度及IP地址查询小程序源文件\Form3.frm 1935 2006-08-25
codesc.net\VB宽带速度及IP地址查询小程序源文件\IPCLS.cls 9862 2006-08-25
codesc.net\VB宽带速度及IP地址查询小程序源文件\QQWry.Dat 5621038 2006-06-30
codesc.net\VB宽带速度及IP地址查询小程序源文件\XandersXPText.ctl 25097 2006-06-29
codesc.net\VB宽带速度及IP地址查询小程序源文件\XandersXPText.ctx 786 2006-06-29
codesc.net\VB宽带速度及IP地址查询小程序源文件\XpButton.ctl 27326 2006-06-29
codesc.net\VB宽带速度及IP地址查询小程序源文件\XpButton.ctx 148956 2006-06-29
codesc.net\VB宽带速度及IP地址查询小程序源文件\工程1.vbp 1255 2006-08-25
codesc.net\VB宽带速度及IP地址查询小程序源文件\工程1.vbw 206 2006-09-17
codesc.net\VB宽带速度及IP地址查询小程序源文件 0 2014-08-11
codesc.net 0 2014-08-11

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