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Title: 改进后的交替重建 Download
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  • 2020-05-23
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  • 冰雨abc
 Description: Improved alternate reconstruction Based on singular value decomposition (SVD) of signal evolution, mri fingerprint can be expressed as low-rank inverse problem, in which the image is readded by considering the singular value.The low-rank approximation of signal evolution reduces the computational burden by reducing the number of Fourier transforms.At the same time, the low-rank approximation improves the problem, which will be improved by extending the low-rank inverse problem to the augmented Lagrangian method, and the augmented Lagrangian is solved by the alternating multiplier method.In the simulation, we analyze the root mean square error and noise propagation.To verify the results, we carried out in vivo experiments.
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BEM_forward_1_surface_adjoint.m 15936 2009-10-28
BEM_forward_1_surface_basic.m 8822 2012-10-26
CenterPoint.m 89 2008-10-20
Coe.m 1367 2013-04-11
BasicIcosahedron.m 3066 2012-10-17
BEM_Adjoint.m 915 2009-10-26
BEM_Common.m 4849 2011-01-04

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