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Title: 16QAM调制解调 Download
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  • matlab
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  • matlab
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  • Update:
  • 2020-05-23
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  • yinying
 Description: %Qammodem. M program list %The coding mapping process of 4-bit original data and constellation is simulated; %Complete the modulation and demodulation of 16QAM signal; %Baseband signal symbol rate PS = 1Mbps; %Roll off factor of shaping filter a = 0.8; %Carrier signal frequency fc = 2MHz; %Sampling frequency FS = 8MHz; %Draw the spectrum and time domain waveform of 16QAM signal; %The coherent demodulation method is used to simulate the demodulation process; %Time domain waveform of baseband signal before and after demodulation is drawn; %Write the original baseband data, QAM adjusted data and filter coefficient into the corresponding text file.
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16QAM调制解调 0 2020-05-11
16QAM调制解调\bshape.m 209 2020-05-11
16QAM调制解调\constel.m 537 2020-05-11
16QAM调制解调\four2two.m 506 2020-05-11
16QAM调制解调\main_plot.m 1510 2020-05-11
16QAM调制解调\qam.m 365 2020-05-11
16QAM调制解调\qamdet.m 423 2020-05-11
16QAM调制解调\random_binary.m 263 2020-05-11
16QAM调制解调\two2four.m 253 2020-05-11

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