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 Description: Project brief introduction It has become a heavy burden for many parents to tell stories to children before going to bed and coax their babies to sleep. Especially for many women, they should not only work hard outside, but also be responsible for the heavy housework. They are very tired to lie down and listen to the stories noisily! This smart device can solve your problems: through the ardiuno min single side machine, voice module, RGBLED module, smart cloud platform, mobile phone as the control interface, you can control a popular children 's favorite to play story music as you like, and can also send out colorful and unpredictable lights, kill the unreasonable requirements of the little master in seconds, and you will be relieved instantly.
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MainDevice_Code\Changlog.txt 197 2017-09-21
MainDevice_Code\common.c 6753 2017-09-21
MainDevice_Code\common.h 4123 2017-09-21
MainDevice_Code\dataPointTools.c 9242 2017-09-21
MainDevice_Code\dataPointTools.h 1534 2017-09-21
MainDevice_Code\Gizwits.cpp 8420 2017-10-14
MainDevice_Code\Gizwits.h 1484 2017-09-21
MainDevice_Code\gizwits_product.c 3959 2017-10-14
MainDevice_Code\gizwits_product.h 1568 2017-10-14
MainDevice_Code\gizwits_protocol.c 46145 2017-10-14
MainDevice_Code\gizwits_protocol.h 25727 2017-10-14
MainDevice_Code\keywords.txt 584 2017-09-21
MainDevice_Code\MainDevice_Code.ino 14135 2017-11-24
MainDevice_Code\readme.txt 444 2017-09-21
MainDevice_Code\ringbuffer.c 3090 2017-09-21
MainDevice_Code\ringBuffer.h 862 2017-09-21
MainDevice_Code 0 2019-06-13

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