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 Description: Aliasing occurs when frequency components are present in the input signal that are higher than half the sampling frequency of the ADC (also known as the Nyquist frequency). These frequency components fold back and show up in the actual frequency band of interest below half the sampling frequency. The filter response of the digital filter repeats at multiples of the sampling frequency, also known as the modulator frequency (f MOD ), as shown in Figure 41. Signals or noise up to a frequency where the filter response repeats are attenuated to a certain amount by the digital filter depending on the filter architecture. Any frequency components present in the input signal around the modulator frequency, or multiples thereof, are not attenuated and alias back into the band of interest, unless attenuated by an external analog filter
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45464\45464.cbp 1069 2019-12-09
45464\45464.layout 356 2019-12-17
45464\bin\Debug\45464.exe 30233 2019-12-10
45464\main.c 1331 2019-12-10
45464\obj\Debug\main.o 3623 2019-12-10
45464\bin\Debug 0 2020-01-15
45464\obj\Debug 0 2020-01-15
45464\bin 0 2020-01-15
45464\obj 0 2020-01-15
45464 0 2020-01-15

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