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Title: BP网络隐含层神经元数目的确定 Download
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  • matlab
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  • matlab
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  • 2048
  • Update:
  • 2020-01-14
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  • 南亦或北
 Description: It includes three m files, the first is the construction of BP network, and gives an example of dynamically determining the number of neurons in the hidden layer. The second m file trains and analyzes the errors according to the determined BP network structure. The third m file modifies the training function and compares the convergence rate of different training functions.
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BP网络隐含层神经元数目的确定 0 2020-01-14
BP网络隐含层神经元数目的确定\BPWangLuo.m 564 2020-01-14
BP网络隐含层神经元数目的确定\BPwangluo2.m 630 2020-01-14
BP网络隐含层神经元数目的确定\BPwangluoQueDing.m 573 2020-01-14

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