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  • AI-NN-PR
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  • matlab
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  • 2019-12-04
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  • 小人物0104
 Description: In a water area, fish can often find the place with more nutrients by themselves or by following other fish. Therefore, the place with the most survival number of fish is generally the place with the most nutrients in this water area. According to this feature, artificial fish swarm algorithm is to construct artificial fish to imitate the foraging, clustering and tail chasing behavior of fish swarm, so as to achieve optimization.
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afsa 0 2019-12-04
afsa\AF_dist.m 246 2019-12-04
afsa\AF_follow.m 1151 2019-12-04
afsa\AF_foodconsistence.m 115 2019-12-04
afsa\AF_init.m 209 2019-12-04
afsa\AF_prey.m 1183 2019-12-04
afsa\AF_swarm.m 1175 2019-12-04
afsa\main_afsa.m 1616 2019-12-04

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