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Title: Lecture4-旋转正方体 Download
 Description: Use a matrix to transform the position of an object. In the vertex shader, we define the position as a vector (x, y, z) in three-dimensional space, which is expressed as the homogeneous coordinate (KX, KY, KZ, K), and the output is the gl_position of vec4 Generally k = 1, K may change when matrix operation is carried out We transform this vector by multiplying our vector by the left matrix Unit matrix makes a vector completely invariant
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Lecture4-旋转正方体\main.frag.glsl 100 2019-01-28
Lecture4-旋转正方体\main.vert.glsl 217 2019-01-28
Lecture4-旋转正方体\shader.h 2941 2019-01-28
Lecture4-旋转正方体\Source.cpp 5515 2019-01-28
Lecture4-旋转正方体 0 2019-09-20

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