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Title: atm_queue-master Download
 Description: It is mainly divided into two modules: Client 1. Function of opening, closing, logging in and unlocking Account opening: enter the name, ID card number and password. If the account is opened successfully, an account signal will be saved on the server (one account saves one file, and the file name is recommended to be account number). Account cancellation: enter the account number and password. The server asks whether to confirm the account cancellation. If so, the server will delete the account file and record the account number. (I didn't realize it) Login: enter the account and password, and lock the wrong account three times. Unlock: enter the account number and ID card number to unlock. 2. Successful login: save, withdraw, transfer, query and change password Deposit: enter deposit amount Withdrawal: enter the withdrawal amount Transfer: target account number and amount to be transferred Query: no data input required Change Password: original password and new password
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