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Title: 冰风登录器20160125 Download
 Description: 1. Add the option of blocking player's hardware information, which can be operated on the global session of controller and gateway with one key; 2. Increase the protection of game process, and automatically start the disconnection; 3. Add announcement system; 4. Add IP to set domain name; 5. Fix the problem that some customers can't see the player's progress and the screen capture timeout; 6. Modify the plug-in analysis mode to improve the response speed; 7. Fix the problem of high CPU utilization of multiple games; 8. Fix the slow response of the list of logins;
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冰风登录器0125\0125更新日志.txt 5210 2016-01-25
冰风登录器0125\控制器\CsSrv.exe 767400 2016-01-08
冰风登录器0125\控制器\奇迹控制端.exe 3407272 2016-01-08
冰风登录器0125\配置器\103H_.DAT 5038848 2016-01-25
冰风登录器0125\配置器\SP6EP2_.DAT 5845010 2016-01-25
冰风登录器0125\配置器\冰风登录器0125.exe 12253940 2016-01-25
冰风登录器0125\配置器\咒怨魔王.ele 907777 2015-01-11
冰风登录器0125\配置器\暗黑骷髅.ele 646111 2015-02-12
冰风登录器0125\配置器\红色剑士.ele 1142157 2015-10-20
冰风登录器0125\配置器\黑色圣导.ele 670707 2015-02-10
冰风登录器0125\控制器 0 2016-01-25
冰风登录器0125\配置器 0 2016-01-25
冰风登录器0125 0 2016-01-25

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