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Title: 猜数字 Download
  • Category:
  • Other systems
  • Platform:
  • Python
  • File Size:
  • 1024
  • Update:
  • 2019-11-10
  • Downloads:
  • 0
  • Uploaded by:
  • Otayami
 Description: To guess the advanced version of the number, the random library of python is used to generate a number at random to prompt the user to guess. The user has three chances, and the computer will indicate whether the number is too large or too small according to the size of the number, and the game will exit more than three times
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猜数字\猜大小.py 982 2019-10-14
猜数字\猜数字.py 489 2019-10-07
猜数字\猜数字进阶版.py 983 2019-10-07
猜数字 0 2019-11-10

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