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Title: PWM调光 Download
 Description: PWM dimming, using C51 single chip as the main control chip, adjust the width and time of high and low level by controlling the output pulse of IO port, so as to control the output voltage and current, and control the brightness of LED light!
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PWM调光\obj\PWM调光 2014 2010-05-14
PWM调光\obj\PWM调光.hex 444 2010-05-14
PWM调光\obj\PWM调光.lst 3127 2010-05-14
PWM调光\obj\PWM调光.m51 3711 2010-05-14
PWM调光\obj\PWM调光.obj 2340 2010-05-14
PWM调光\obj\PWM调光.plg 168 2010-07-12
PWM调光\PWM调光.c 1595 2010-07-01
PWM调光\PWM调光.Opt 853 2010-07-12
PWM调光\PWM调光.Uv2 2007 2010-05-14
PWM调光\PWM调光_Opt.Bak 855 2010-07-02
PWM调光\obj 0 2019-11-09
PWM调光 0 2019-11-09

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