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Title: myAntBp Download
 Description: The ant colony algorithm is used to optimize the BP neural network, and an example is used to validate it.
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myAntBp\ANTBPresult.docx 829458 2018-12-12
myAntBp\data1.xls 18819584 2018-12-10
myAntBp\main.m 6164 2018-12-11
myAntBp\objfun_BP.m 1104 2018-12-11
myAntBp\result.m 498 2018-12-12
myAntBp\test_simu.mat 26878 2018-12-11
myAntBp\T_test.mat 3063 2018-12-11
myAntBp 0 2019-02-13

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