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  • 2019-01-13
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 Description: To overcome the shortcomings of slow convergence speed, low convergence accuracy and easy to fall into local optimal solution of differential evolution (DE) algorithm, a new algorithm is proposed. An improved differential evolution algorithm for adaptive evolution of two populations.
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基于改进差分进化算法优化极限学习机的短期负荷预测\基于差分进化算法的微电网多目标优化调度(三个目标).caj 372767 2019-01-10
基于改进差分进化算法优化极限学习机的短期负荷预测\基于改进差分进化算法优化极限学习机的短期负荷预测.caj 500314 2019-01-10
基于改进差分进化算法优化极限学习机的短期负荷预测\差分进化算法的改进及其应用研究.caj 226373 2019-01-10
基于改进差分进化算法优化极限学习机的短期负荷预测 0 2019-01-13

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