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 Description: A simple and practical jQuery Click to expand the display text content code, by default only display the title, click the expand button, all the content is displayed, the expand button to close the button, click the close button to open the text content.
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js 0 2018-05-18
js\jquery.min.js 93106 2018-05-18
js\select.js 7026 2018-05-18
index.html 3738 2018-05-31
css 0 2018-05-18
css\font-awesome.min.css 28759 2018-05-18
fonts 0 2018-05-18
fonts\fontawesome-webfont.eot 75195 2018-05-18
fonts\fontawesome-webfont.ttf 150952 2018-05-18
fonts\fontawesome-webfont.woff 89076 2018-05-18
fonts\fontawesome-webfont.woff2 70700 2018-05-18

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