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 Description: This is a 3D animation effect based on HTML5, it is a coil spring, and can move like a wave, like a real spring, each coil of spring will follow the movement of the previous circle, very realistic. Before we also shared a CSS3 coil coils animation, the effect is very good.
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html5-3d-raindrop-animation\config.rb 752 2014-06-15
html5-3d-raindrop-animation\css\normalize.css 1937 2014-06-15
html5-3d-raindrop-animation\css\style.css 3735 2014-06-15
html5-3d-raindrop-animation\index.haml 78 2014-06-15
html5-3d-raindrop-animation\index.html 6402 2014-06-15
html5-3d-raindrop-animation\js\index.js 259 2014-06-15
html5-3d-raindrop-animation\js\prefixfree.min.js 6009 2014-06-15
html5-3d-raindrop-animation\scss\style.scss 1497 2014-06-15
html5-3d-raindrop-animation\css 0 2014-06-15
html5-3d-raindrop-animation\js 0 2014-06-15
html5-3d-raindrop-animation\scss 0 2014-06-15
html5-3d-raindrop-animation 0 2014-06-15

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