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 Description: This is a cool CSS3 3D cube animation, and unlike the cube animation previously shared, this CSS3 cube animation has a gradual change in the background color of several surfaces, along with the rotation of the cube, this CSS3 3D animation is even more cool and attractive, the effect is very good.
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css3-3d-cube-color-animation\config.rb 752 2014-06-15
css3-3d-cube-color-animation\css\style.css 17034 2014-06-15
css3-3d-cube-color-animation\index.html 1027 2014-06-15
css3-3d-cube-color-animation\sass\style.sass 4678 2014-06-15
css3-3d-cube-color-animation\css 0 2014-06-15
css3-3d-cube-color-animation\sass 0 2014-06-15
css3-3d-cube-color-animation 0 2014-06-15

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