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Title: ch55X USB串口CDC 模拟CH340 Download
 Description: Operate ch559, IO port, light LED, realize function, configure frequency.
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USB模拟串口\6666667.usm 15953 2015-10-19
USB模拟串口\CH559.H 97984 2016-07-03
USB模拟串口\CH559COM.hex 5714 2016-10-25
USB模拟串口\CH559COM.uvproj 13413 2016-08-12
USB模拟串口\DEBUG.C 6777 2015-05-21
USB模拟串口\DEBUG.H 775 2015-05-19
USB模拟串口\USBCOM.C 16115 2016-10-25
USB模拟串口 0 2016-10-25

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