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Title: STM32固件库说明(中文版) Download
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  • 2018-09-14
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 Description: This handbook introduces 32 firmware library based on ARM microcontroller STM32F101xx and STM32F103xx. The library is a firmware function package, which consists of program, data structure and macro, including the performance characteristics of all peripherals of the microcontroller. The library also includes driver descriptions and application examples for each peripheral. By using this firmware library, users can easily apply each peripheral without having to know the details. Therefore, the use of this solid-state library can greatly reduce the user's programming time, thereby reducing the development cost. Each peripheral driver is made up of a set of functions, which cover all the functions of the peripheral. The development of each device is driven by a general API (application programming interface), which standardizes the structure, function and parameter names of the driver.
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