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 Description: This application is a battlefield simulator game with three types of units: Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery. The map consists of several different terrain types lined in a six-sided-square grid as seen in many turn-based video games. The computer player s artificial intelligence is challenging to the player, and may provide insight for programmers with the regular use of several variations of breadth-first-search algorithms as well as one depth-first-search move-sequence solution algorithm, which are explained below. As a class and DLL, the battlefield project can be used to build a larger war game with its own economy and cast of characters to enrich game play.
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playMouse\.classpath 301 2018-05-11
playMouse\.project 385 2018-05-11
playMouse\.settings\org.eclipse.jdt.core.prefs 598 2018-05-11
playMouse\bin\com\iotek\mouse\background.jpg 212692 2018-05-11
playMouse\bin\com\iotek\mouse\mouse.png 11034 2018-05-11
playMouse\bin\com\iotek\mouse\playMouse$1.class 1849 2018-05-14
playMouse\bin\com\iotek\mouse\playMouse.class 3807 2018-05-14
playMouse\src\com\iotek\mouse\background.jpg 212692 2018-05-11
playMouse\src\com\iotek\mouse\mouse.png 11034 2018-05-11
playMouse\src\com\iotek\mouse\playMouse.java 4851 2018-05-14
playMouse\bin\com\iotek\mouse 0 2018-05-11
playMouse\src\com\iotek\mouse 0 2018-05-11
playMouse\bin\com\iotek 0 2018-05-11
playMouse\src\com\iotek 0 2018-05-11
playMouse\bin\com 0 2018-05-11
playMouse\src\com 0 2018-05-11
playMouse\.settings 0 2018-05-11
playMouse\bin 0 2018-05-11
playMouse\src 0 2018-05-11
playMouse 0 2018-05-11

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