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Title: game for power relay Download
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  • matlab
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  • 2018-05-21
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 Description: For the cooperative relay network using decode and forward (DF) protocol, a relay selection and power allocation strategy based on the buyer seller game is proposed. By modeling the user as a buyer, the optimal relay and the optimal purchasing power can be selected with maximum utility as the standard. The relay is modeled as a seller, and the profit can be achieved through the market after the first market. The power price adjustment strategy obtains the maximum profit.
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中继博弈仿真程序\gai3.fig 424066 2013-04-28
中继博弈仿真程序\gai3.m 12326 2013-04-28
中继博弈仿真程序\relay_beta_pr_r.fig 1317411 2013-04-12
中继博弈仿真程序\relay_beta_pr_r.m 1597 2013-04-15
中继博弈仿真程序\relay_E.asv 4068 2014-06-07
中继博弈仿真程序\relay_E.fig 14794 2014-04-11
中继博弈仿真程序\relay_E.m 4059 2014-06-07
中继博弈仿真程序\relay_Eless.fig 11645 2014-04-11
中继博弈仿真程序\relay_Eless.m 5594 2013-07-04
中继博弈仿真程序 0 2016-10-13

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