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  • 2018-05-11
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 Description: The No. 7 signaling network is one of the three major support networks of the telecommunications network and its importance is self-evident. Therefore, this paper mainly addresses the internal structure analysis of SS7 and learns the corresponding coding methods. Learn about the related concepts of signaling. Understand the characteristics of No. 7 signaling and master the hierarchical structure of No. 7 signaling system. Grasp the functions implemented by each layer of the messaging section. Master the basic concepts of No.7 signaling network and understand the signaling point coding methods. Understand the general format of TUP messages, grasp commonly used signaling messages, and master the TUP signaling process. Understand the general ISUP format, grasp commonly used signaling messages, and master the TUP signaling process.
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信令 0 2018-05-11
信令\201310404237-刘谷玄-MAP信令的消息分析系统设计与实现.doc 1537174 2017-05-31
信令\7号信令消息结构分解.ppt 2324480 2014-05-19
信令\MAP信令的消息分析系统设计与实现.doc 1557707 2018-05-08
信令\SMS短信(A2P&P2P)流程以及SS7七号信令如何作用于短信息传递.docx 3802938 2015-09-27
信令\ZTE《七号信令系统》员工初级培训教材.doc 7882752 2014-04-22
信令\~$1310404237-刘谷玄-MAP信令的消息分析系统设计与实现.doc 162 2018-03-31
信令\~$E《七号信令系统》员工初级培训教材.doc 162 2018-05-11
信令\七号信令的消息分析系统设计与实现.doc 30208 2013-04-10
信令\七号信令解码分析.doc 177152 2014-04-22
信令\现代交换原理复制版.docx 1407437 2018-05-09
信令\短消息流程及其信令抓图大全.doc 485888 2016-10-17

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