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Title: PQ-Fiber_v1.8-open Download
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  • Fortran
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  • 2018-05-04
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  • fireyang
 Description: PQ-Fiber is a Structural Engineering Research Institute of Civil Engineering Department of Tsinghua University. It is based on the large general finite element program ABAQUS. A set of uniaxial hysteretic constitutive models is set up. It is mainly used for elastic-plastic properties of reinforced concrete structures and steel structures. In the process analysis, the material constitutive equation of the bar structure is defined, and it can be used for any material requiring only a uniaxial hysteretic constitutive model. The situation. The author releases the latest version of PQ-Fiber on the Internet for free in the form of FORTRAN compiler.Obj. The use of large research and engineering designers has no functional limitations. Invites users to respect intellectual property rights,
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