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  • 2018-05-04
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Audio bandwidth detection in the EVS codec.pdf 111610 2018-05-03
Adaptive selection of lag-window shape for linear predictive analysis in the 3GPP EVS codec.pdf 530621 2018-05-03
Memory-less gain quantization in the EVS codec.pdf 223579 2018-05-03
A packet loss recovery technique with line spectral frequency modification in 3GPP EVS codec.pdf 2448003 2018-05-03
Enhanced AMR-WB bandwidth extension in 3GPP EVS codec.pdf 303150 2018-05-03
Super-wideband fine spectrum quantization for low-rate high-quality MDCT coding mode of the 3GPP EVS codec.pdf 768093 2018-05-03
Overview of the EVS codec architecture.pdf 424858 2018-05-03
Standardization of the new 3GPP EVS codec.pdf 615014 2018-05-03
A novel sinusoidal approach to audio signal frame loss concealment and its application in the new evs codec standard.pdf 696845 2018-05-03
Super-wideband bandwidth extension for speech in the 3GPP EVS codec.pdf 592464 2018-05-03

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