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Title: N huanghou Download
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  • Game Program
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  • C-C++
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  • 5120
  • Update:
  • 2018-05-03
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  • Uploaded by:
  • youxiaoyu
 Description: In chess, the queen can eat other pieces on the horizontal, vertical and oblique lines. How to put N empress on a chess board (8 * 8 squares), so that none of them can be eaten. This is the famous eight queen problem. Let's expand now, and define a queen's sequence corresponding to the placement method of a N queen to meet the requirements, that is, {(x1, Y1), (X2, Y2). (xN, yN)}, where (Xi, [1, N], Yi, [1, N], N [4,16]), (Xi, Xi) is the coordinate (row number and column number) of the queen in the corresponding pendulum. Then we need to detect this sequence to detect whether the Queens given by the sequence can eat each other.
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N huanghou\N.c 365 2018-04-13
N huanghou\N.dsp 3339 2018-05-03
N huanghou\N.dsw 510 2018-05-03
N huanghou\N.ncb 41984 2018-05-03
N huanghou\N.opt 48640 2018-05-03
N huanghou\N.plg 729 2018-05-03
N huanghou 0 2018-05-03

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