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Title: adminers_v1.2.9 Download
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  • Web develop
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  • JavaScript
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  • 208896
  • Update:
  • 2018-05-03
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  • 皮皮侠
 Description: The two development. This program is unofficial release, the two changes in the location of many, basically repair the official bug, compatible with PHP 5.4+, html is more standardized. At the same time, it gives up the quotation of two official external files, supports closing the left column, and supports interface calls. Is the vast number of database administrators, programmers to manage the best tool for DB.
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demo.php 942 2018-02-11
qadmin.php 471574 2018-04-23
small.php 168 2018-02-11
说明.htm 3591 2012-05-10

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