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Title: 26个字母识别 用matlab实现的 Download
 Description: 26 letter recognition implemented with MATLAB.The letter recognition based on BP algorithm has a relatively high fault tolerance and recognition rate, and the error rate of recognition is also increased in the case of noise, and further improvement is made.
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字母识别\123.bmp 14502 2009-05-07
字母识别\143.bmp 12566 2009-05-07
字母识别\E52net.mat 118191 2010-06-01
字母识别\E52PT.mat 4344 2010-06-01
字母识别\shibie.asv 4373 2010-05-31
字母识别\shibie.m 4376 2009-06-23
字母识别\shibie2.m 1511 2009-06-23
字母识别\Thumbs.db 395292 2010-06-01
字母识别\神经网络.doc 48128 2010-06-01
字母识别 0 2010-06-01

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