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Title: PCA Download
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  • 2018-05-03
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  • sdpscnc
 Description: Use MATLAB's own function princomp () to calculate the principal component. When the dimension is very high, the memory exhaustion error usually occurs, even if the memory is enough, it is very time-consuming. Fast PCA can speed up the computation process and reduce memory footprint, making it easier to calculate the larger image principal components.
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PCA\PCA.m 731 2018-05-03
PCA\approx.m 211 2018-05-03
PCA\fastPCA.m 612 2018-05-03
PCA\lena.tiff 320820 2018-05-03
PCA\visualize_pc.m 293 2018-05-03
PCA 0 2018-05-03

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