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Title: DNAMAN8_Registered Download
 Description: Dnaman software is an application that helps you study biological experiment data. When you analyze biological sequences, you can use computer software's powerful analysis techniques and computing power to let you perform complex calculations and simulate DNA behavior. In this process, you have a platform that is completely suitable for your data calculation. The software supports multiple analysis types including protein analysis, molecular studies, primer analysis and sequence comparison studies. It allows you to study more biological experimental data. Convenient; dnaman8 (Multi-function Integrated Sequence Analysis) Built-in graphic analysis function, you can publish your own experimental data to the software, use the automatic statistics and drawing function to obtain detailed data trend analysis, and provide important reference for future simulation experiments data.
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DNAMAN8_Registered 0 2017-06-23
DNAMAN8_Registered\DNAMAN8_Reg_setup.exe 6365144 2013-09-25
DNAMAN8_Registered\DNAMAN8_Registered 0 2017-06-23
DNAMAN8_Registered\DNAMAN8_Registered\DNAMAN8_Reg_setup.exe 6365144 2013-09-25
DNAMAN8_Registered\DNAMAN8_Registered\软件说明.txt 1878 2013-09-25
DNAMAN8_Registered\DNAMAN8_Registered.rar 6276866 2016-12-27
DNAMAN8_Registered\软件说明.txt 1878 2013-09-25
clustalx-2.1-win 0 2017-06-23
clustalx-2.1-win\clustalx-2.1-win.msi 4917760 2013-04-22

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