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Title: AtmCor Download
 Description: This code is developed based on IDL language, taking the environmental satellite I (HJ-1) satellite image as an example to realize the atmospheric correction of HJ-1 CCD images. The compression package includes the calibration coefficients of the HJ-1 CCD image (which can be replaced according to the latest coefficient released by the resource satellite application center) and the look-up table. Reference for remote sensing beginners
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AtmCor\.project 380 2011-04-06
AtmCor\.settings\org.eclipse.core.resources.prefs 89 2011-04-06
AtmCor\AtmCorCity.pro 15393 2018-04-16
AtmCor\cityatmcor.sav 11070556 2011-04-13
AtmCor\HJ-1A&B_Calibration_Coefficients.txt 617 2011-04-22
AtmCor\HJLUT.txt 1018959 2011-04-12
AtmCor\HJ_AtmCorrection.pro 8452 2016-06-06
AtmCor\.settings 0 2018-04-16
AtmCor 0 2018-04-16

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