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Title: TinyPNG客户Duan Download
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  • 2018-05-03
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 Description: The reason for doing this: TinyPNG this site we should all know, is an online image compression, and compression ratio is high, the image quality is also very good, I used a lot of compression tools, contrast down or the site the most cock, but the site is too laggy sometimes open, loading have to wait for a long time, mainly it's CSS The problem caused by the JS file on CDN is solved, and it can be solved by uploading software directly into POST. Source code introduction: 1. use fine and easy module and open source winhttp API module on forum. 2. multi thread progress upload and schedule downloading 3. multi file drag and drop (easy module) 4. parse the returned information using JSON Some points for learning: 1.EXUI icon list box usage 2. multi thread processing and thread license 3.EXUI picture group usage 4.json usage
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