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Title: ECC模块 v0.12 Download
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  • 2018-05-03
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  • heroaaa123
 Description: Elliptic curve cryptosystem (ECC) is a public key algorithm which can transmit information on unsafe channels without the need to pre contract passwords. RSA is also a public key algorithm, but ECC has an obvious advantage over RSA: under the same security level, the required password length is the shortest. But the drawback is that the algorithm is complex and big, and I read a bunch of books before I wrote the code. I sent a 256 bit ECC source before, but it was too slow, this time it was 192 bits, and the code was carefully optimized, and the speed was faster.
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ECC模块 v0.12\ECC012.ec 170013 2016-12-25
ECC模块 v0.12\ECC模块 v0.12.e 192196 2016-12-25
ECC模块 v0.12\ECC演示程序.e 27718 2016-12-25
ECC模块 v0.12 0 2016-12-25

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