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Title: park Download
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  • Data structs
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  • Visual C++
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  • 2010-06-19
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 Description: Parking. Parking lots within the park is only a narrow channel n cars, and only one gate for car access. Car in a car park by vehicles, time of arrival of the order in ordered north to south (entrance at the southern tip of the first arrival of the first car parked in the yard of the most northern end), if the car had been parked inside n cars, then later The car only on the sidewalk outside waiting, when a car drove off, then came in the first car on the pavement can be opened into. When the car park a car to leave, after it opened into the vehicle must first leave the yard to make way for it, to be out of the car outside the gate, other vehicles and then into the yard of the original order. Every car parked in yards in that it does not leave the car park must stay the length of time by its Contributions. Test preparation for the parking requirements according to the management of simulation programs.
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