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Title: ESCAL_An_Energy_Saving_Clustering_Algorithm_Based Download
 Description: Abstract—the application of wireless sensor network (WSN) is always restricted by the energy shortage of sensor nodes. In order to reduce the entire energy consumption of the WSN, a promising approach is to design light clustering algorithms.LEACH is such a well-known clustering algorithm that was designed to distribute the energy consumption to nodes in the WSN evenly. LEACH is characterized by its attactive clusterbased strategy however, in the algorithm, energy dissipation of entire network is still great during the process that cluster-heads (CH) transmit data to base station (BS). In this paper, based on LEACH, we propose a modified clustering orithm which is named ESCAL. In ESCAL, CHs won’t communicate with BS directly, but transfer aggregated data to the nearest node in term of received signal strength then this elected nearest node willcompress and forward the data to BS.
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