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Title: 1602LCD Download
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  • SCM
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  • C-C++
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  • 2010-06-19
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  • ljdipingxian2
 Description: //Set state by K1 button to enter// by K2, turn into the alarm clock feature is enabled, alarm clock, the minutes and seconds, year, month, date and time of hours, minutes, seconds, set, until the exit setting mode// by K3 , whether the adjustment only use alarm clock and adjust the clock hours, minutes, seconds, year, month, date, time, hours, minutes, seconds, the number of// LCD display the middle of the second row of small speakers that enable the alarm, no alarm is prohibited (can be set to adjust status)// normal state, LCD on the top row display custom characters, LCD top row of flashing under// set state, LCD display on the front row " P" , top in the next row Set the alarm time is displayed when " alarm:" , other states show that " time" // Change 2000 BC- 2099 a week automatically converted
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