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Title: SkinMagic_setup(1) Download
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  • GUI Develop
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  • Visual C++
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  • Update:
  • 2010-06-19
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  • 490860869
 Description: SkinMagic is a production of skin function interface library, support for Windows common controls and windows. Support the dialog box, single document interface, multiple document interface. > Features:> 1, independent of the interface capabilities to produce programming from the interface were freed> 2, supports a variety of windows platforms, including windows98, windownt4.0, windows2000, windowsxp, windows2003> 3, completely peels, including standard controls, common dialog boxes, etc.> 4, to support user-defined control of skins, support for third-party control of the peeling,> 5, the skin support the windowsblinds skin format conversion format, there are thousands of skin free download> 6, to provide free skin design tool, can design their own skin.
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