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Title: IEEE-paper-about-WEB-server Download
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  • 2008-01-17
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  • shlpyy
 Description: embedded web server IEEE paper
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....\Design and Research on the Remote Monitor System Based on Embedded Internet.pdf
....\Design of Micro Wireless Network Measurement and Control Server Based on ARM .pdf
....\Development Scheme of SoPC-Based Reconfigurable Controllers.pdf
....\Extensible embedded web server architecture for Internet-based data acquisition and control.pdf
....\Novel Approach for Remote Energy Meter Reading Using Mobile Agents.pdf
....\Remote Control Of Process Parameters Using Embedded Web Technology.pdf
....\Study on Embedded Web Server and Realization.pdf
....\A lightweight embedded web server for non- internet devices.pdf
....\Design and Implementation of a Reduced Data Link Layer for Embedded WEB Server.pdf
....\Realization of Home Remote Control Network Based on ZigBee.pdf
....\Small Embedded Web Server for Home Appliances with Embedded MPU and Real-time Operating System.pdf
....\Study on Modular Design-based Reconfigurable Embedded Network Numerical Control.pdf
....\The ECG Tele-monitor Based on Embedded Web Server.pdf

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